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Silver Lion Innovations becomes part of STAC!

Updated: May 7

the logo for the STAC program in Glasgow. STAC stands for Smart Things Accelerator Centre

What is STAC you might ask? STAC stands for Smart Things Accelerator Centre. Based out of Skypark ( in Glasgow, STAC Scale is, in their words, 'A hands-on, 18 month, milestone based programme taking your big ideas from concept to global operations. STAC is with you throughout.'

SLI joined STAC in May 2023 and have not looked back since. They offer weekly workshops and advice on literally every aspect of product development, starting and running a business. There is tailored mentorship from people who have been there and done it themselves. Along with the mentorship, accountability and expertise, we also have access to office space and meeting space when we need it.

At STAC we are also part of a network with some of the best start-ups/scale ups in the country who we have benefitted and learned from on this journey.

At Silver Lion Innovations, we are incredibly grateful to the team at STAC and would highly recommend if you are an early stage start up, get in touch with the team now! You will not regret it.

Check out their website to see what else they do.

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